The Ebony Void

by The Drowned God

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flightoficarus (Metal Trenches)
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flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) There is a vast longing in both the vocals and melancholic guitar tone. The EP opens with your typical post-rock, post-hardcore flair, but The Ebony Void definitely sports some heavy moments as well. I love "Mezzanine"'s transition from the chill chords to the crunchy Deftones riff. It gets downright gritty, and all the more noticeably so given the duality. Full review on Favorite track: Mezzanine.
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The Drowned God is:

Brandon Baun
Cody Golob
Dan Scanlon
Brian Brennan
Lucas Dunn


released September 5, 2015



all rights reserved


The Drowned God Lansdale, Pennsylvania

Always to be desired, never to be found.


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Track Name: Mezzanine
Mesmerized eyes
their visions drifting
gazing back and forth into mine
I'm suppressing the realm
where, where we reside
drifting through life
peering through spectrums
dull and hypnotized
a serene sense collapsing
my own myopia
corrupted lungs up in smoke I lay
stepping away from the edge of the mezzanine
Caught in between before my helpless sight
pacing gray thoughts followed by
my nerves descending
in this seam of desperation
can I catch your eyes again
or will they happen to dance
away as you glance past
leaving frigid footprints
upon repetitive memories
It seems what I wanted to remember
I tended to forget
and whats stuck in my head
I constantly regret
Bare from the inside out
Gave my all and hid all my doubts
A feeling of elation induced throughout
a desolate being taken away
endless breaths, an endless pacing
viewing from above where the air is thinning
lured afar from forever dwelling in my own sanctuary
a surreal high preserving my sanity
a vivid lens to all my senses
can i catch your eyes again
or will they happen to dance away
as you glance past
leaving frigid footprints
upon repetitive memories
stuck in between amidst emotions in tandem
I cant feel anything
my bittersweet epiphany
I thought you'd save me
the petrichor before the cleansing of all my senses
glimpsing into these last gasps of self acrimony
I'm sorry you felt nothing
my vision drifting inward
swaying delicately
solitude has taken me
leave me be
Track Name: Unbecoming
Days fading rather than conjoining
unbecoming what I once never was
a beckoning of a cure
with each waking light shining through
dusty bedroom blinds
A bygone potency of motivation I could never
replace but ill keep trying all the same
and ill keep contemplating
is it even worth it?
each time I write down these words
or hear the slandering of sycophantic beings
pleading for a fading of a curse
the world around me
seems only to be a darkened mondegreen
unfathomable waveforms in the melodies
surround me
Florescent passions
guiding me into a contentment
a calming breeze
in that peaceful still moment
webs of creations collide
in the earth tones I capture
writing an intricate story
to conjure the mind
in between dreams
desperate for more
Ive drawn in more than I can handle
A dim candle light of disparity
as if separated before making me feel whole again
unbecoming what I once never was
Now I am calling out your name
as my eye's become oh so heavy
darkness descends
in that sanguine still moment
feeling boundless the past seems to vanish
traveling through
Track Name: Intestate
Summer haze
alluring you wish you were
took up by the wind from a hidden sickness
watching the warmth of your skin diminish
as I abscond the agony
I saw your end
an ebbing portrayed on a smiling face
sedated; an elusive happiness
awake until each dawning of light
the lackadaisical look in your eyes
sundering with your own selfdom
a chasm in time into the unknown
a soft spoken tone writhing away
with every remedy handed unto you
before you fade below
show me the real you I used to know
decent and pure
deafening; soaring intestate
free from your own
in your departure
my origin gone without any adieu
I saw your end
dissipating beneath the flowing amber strands
It will never be the same
Incandescent nostalgia has taken your place
crippling me with a blissful reminiscence
Casting away your body
So your self could heal
A longing for a parting
between mother and son